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Bounce About Indy  -  Fun Foods

We offer the highest quality, clean, fun food concessions.

Sno-Kones -  Cotton Candy – Popcorn - Nacho Cheese or Chili dispensing.

We clean and sanitize all of our fun food machines after each event so our customers do not need to do any cleaning.  Also, you will need a very sturdy table for each fun food machine.

Cotton Candy Machine The newest deluxe Gold Medal Cotton Candy machine is the most user friendly cotton candy machine made.  It has automatic heat control settings (one button operation) and is twice as productive as other rental machines.  You simply open the flossugar box and then pour the specialized sugar product directly into the spinner head.  No messy mixing.  We also supply the optional clear dome bubble for the bowl top at no charge.

Gold Medal Deluxe Cotton Candy Machine (includes bubble top)
$65 with Bounce House Rental (or $85 without).   

Rental price includes 50 cotton candy servings:
50 cotton candy cones

Additional 50 Cotton Candy Serving kits: $15

Flavors available:   Silly Nilly (pink vanilla) - Boo Blue (blue raspberry) -
 Spookie Fruiti (grape) – Cherry Berry (cherry).


Sno Kone Machine This 6 oz. Popcorn Kettle machine from Gold Medal features a spun aluminum kettle for fast warm up and consecutive 3 minute popping cycles. This Popcorn popper includes heavy duty kettle drive motor, tempered glass, and corn freshener light under the deck of the popper. A very nice fast popper.

Gold Medal Sno Kone Machine (includes dipper)
$65 with Bounce House Rental (or $85 without).   

Rental price includes 48 popcorn servings:
Complete Popcorn Kits (popcorn, butter, popping oil), 48 Popcorn Bags

Additional popcorn kits for six servings:
$1.50 per kit


Sno Kone Machine Gold Medal says this is the best new Sno Kone machine in the last decade. OK, what we know is that this easy to use Sno Kones machine means SUMMER & Sweet Cool Treats to enjoy. Reserve yours today!

Gold Medal Sno Kone Machine (includes dipper)
$65 with Bounce House Rental (or $85 without).   

Rental Price Includes 50 sno kone servings:  
Two Snow Syrup Flavoring, Syrup Spout Pourers, 50 Sno Kone Cups, and 50 Spoon Straws

Additional Sno Kone Serving kits:
25  Servings:  $10.        100 Servings:  $25
Flavors Available:
Blue Raspberry -  Cherry – Grape – Orange - Lime 
Customer needs to provide the ice.
(For planning:  40 servings per 20 lb bag of ice)    


Sno Kone Machine The Nacho Machine is easy to set-up and use at parties. Sanitary operation and no mess. Just insert bag for dispensing. These Dispensers operate best using 140 oz. or 190 oz. pouches of Cheese Sauces or 140 oz. pouches of Chili Sauce.

Nacho Cheese / Chili Self Dispensing Machine - $80.  
Includes 40 Servings:  
Price includes nacho chips, nacho cheese (dispenser uses a "no touch" cheese bag that heats the cheese or chili inside for dispensing), and individual 40 nacho serving trays. 

Additional 40 servings of nacho cheese, chips, and trays - $35.  


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